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Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Boots 2 Africa is a charity that sends football boots, shirts, shorts and everything else essential for learning to play football out to areas in Africa less fortunate ourselves.

A number of clubs have jumped at the chance to get involved and help out with this one of those being Aberbargoed Town FC just simply by retweeting Caversham United FC, from the reading and district Sunday League.

It is a grassroots effort to get as many boots sent out to Africa as possible, until now the record shipment has been 250 pairs in one year. Both Aberbargoed Town and Caversham United wanted to smash that total.

In April 2017 Boots2Africa were privileged to visit Nakuru in Kenya for the first time, along with Colchester United’s football in the community team and African adventures. This was well received by the children in Kenya and was a big step to help grow awareness for the Boots2Africa charity. They made this trip the following year with donations from children all over The United Kingdom.

Boots2Africa have reached out to both Aberbargoed and Caversham united football clubs with pictures of players wearing the boots that have been donated once we even saying ‘Dennis says thank you for your amazing grassroots hero support of boots 2 Africa’

Is not only Twitter that boots to Africa have reached out on, with it boasting a massive 2,420 likes on Facebook for a charity that was set up back in 2017, in Colchester Essex.

If you would like to get in touch about discussing football boot donations or even to information about anything you would like to send over email or checkout

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