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British based media not keen on Celtic Nations

Scotland - First time they have qualified for a major tournament in 25 years, population 5.5M

Wales - back to back qualification for the European Championships, population 3.1m

There has been a lot said about the enthusiasm shown by Welsh or Scottish pundits, journalists or commentary teams, and mostly it's to put them down. But do they really understand what we feel everytime we tune in to watch our team, pre match, half time, and they go 'Let's just break from this to catch up with the England camp'. Well no, focus on the team that are playing or at least leave the England bits for when the game isn't involving Wales, it was a whole lot more difficult for Scotland as they were in the same group.

Some ridiculous comments like 'Welcome to the Welsh Broadcasting Corporation' didn't go unnoticed. Neither ITV or BBC have to include an outsider, they don't when England are playing. Lineker, Shearer, Ferdinand et al all firmly on the 3 word bandwagon, I can't write it, but you all know the song. For a country the size of Wales to get to back to back championships is not an easy task, why shouldn't Robbie Savage, John Hartson & other studio guests get excited and show that emotion, McCoist was enjoying his moment when Callum McGregor scored against Croatia. Even Graeme Souness was purring like a cat after the draw at Wembley.

Perhaps that's what's holding England back, you'd never hear a South American commentator hold back on the infamous 'GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL' shout when Panama, Columbia, Argentina or Brazil score. Let Savage

Having a dig at Gaby Logan, Terry Yorath's daughter, because she was the presenter was a bit uncalled for. She has done loads of Welsh rugby games, but that seems to be ok? Is it because, like in 2016, the spirit of the Welsh is easy to see than the lackluster displays of the bigger home nation? Normally when people have a problem with something it's because they are jealous or want to be part of it. By all means, Lee Dixon & Jermaine Jenas, get excited, show some emotion, get annoyed. Ian Wright was fuming after the Scotland game and wasn't scared to say what he thought, would sports writers say he's a fan and should just buy a ticket? No, because, like Savage, he's been there a while and is good at showing emotion when it's needed.

With saying that 500,000 people of Turkish origin live in the UK, and that it should have been more impartial, why? Yes it was probably annoying to have Savage enjoying the moment, again, it happened like that in 2016 (sorry to mention it again) when we beat the Belgians. 'go and wake your kids up! Something special is happening here tonight!' nothing was said back then, perhaps people from Belgium having to watch in the UK were in the same position as Turkey fans this time around.

I personally think that people over the bridge, and not knowing a lot about Welsh passion, don't get what it means for a small nation to qualify and then get out of a tough group after 7 of out 10 pundits gave them no hope. Adrian Durham, I'm thinking of you whilst saying that.

Mr Savage, carry on! Nic Parry does exactly the same, if not more on S4C, they won't realise though as it's the only place you'll get wall to wall Cymraeg and it doesn't interest the narrative.

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