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From My Door, Welsh Athletics Get Active Campaign For 2021

Welsh Athletics started a brand-new campaign in January called From My Door. This campaign was due to 350,000 people going out and running during the first lockdown in 2020, that's nearly 18% of the population of Wales.

With gyms being closed, people had to find a new way to exercise, whether it be power walking, running or jogging and this was the perfect way to have support of people you didn’t know by all being in the same situation.

From My Door is a positive running experience that hopes to build over half a million followers whilst getting them outside and exercising. It doesn't matter whether if it’s a 10-minute run to the shops or you take on the Taff Trail, the campaign has asked people to push themselves if only for just a few minutes a day and use the #FromMyDoor on social media.

Welsh Athletics are keen to point out the Run Wales host over 100 running clubs across the country and there are loads of independent running clubs and groups that you can get involved with via social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

James Williams, the chief executive officer of Welsh athletics said “Over the last year our homes have become everything. Our offices, schools, nights in and nights out. Our front doors offer the best starting block to escape the four walls and improve mental health and well-being. It was brilliant to see so many people stepping outside their front door and running in 2020, this year we hope to encourage even more people to join in whether you run it, walk it or jog it just be part of it and help us get Wales moving”

Throughout the year as they gain more runners, they will be doing special events just like the one they did on St David's day to celebrate a new national pastime.

For further information visit the Welsh athletics website or search #FromMyDoor social media.

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