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Let the children play

Robbie Savage branded the tweets by Oliver Dowden ‘Nonsensical’ for the reasons behind grassroots sports stopping in England during it’s new month long lockdown.

The former Wales international said that the information sent out by Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport was confusing.

“The second point in his tweet was households mixing. So kids can mix in school. Yes. And his tweet, their stopping grassroots sport, the pause of it, saving kids mixing with different households. It's nonsensical.”

“These kids, they need a mental and physical activity to stimulate themselves on a weekend. It's ridiculous. Honestly, I just don't get it.” The grassroots advocate continued.

“I feel sorry for the generations of kids who cannot play grassroot sport, not just talking football, talking all sports, kids in different backgrounds, deprived areas. That's their out, you know, that's their pathway”

“You've got the Prime Minister Boris Johnson saying that, you know, looking to return on the fourth of December” added Savage

“But then you've got Oliver Dowden last night saying that we can get grassroots sport back ‘when we can’”

The BBC Sport pundit goes on to explain how they have been dealing with the new procedures to keep his Macclesfield Town players safe.

“Every time a player enters, they have the temperature check everything sanitized there’s track and trace and the 23 games I've participated in my team, there's been not one case of course, but because we do it right. We do it the proper way.”

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