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BA (Hons) Sports Journalism Year 2

Mobile Journalism

For our second year, we have been involved in learning totally new aspects of journalism away from just focusing on sport.

This part of my blog is going to try and showcase that work and any additional work I carry out to all be included in my future showreel.


I was lucky enough to be able to cover one of the greatest promotion races for a long time that I can remember. This was also a great experience for me to put all of my skills together and record what will go down in Bristol Rovers history as one of the greatest games of the modern era. From the moments when Forest Green Rovers claimed promotion only two weeks prior to the 7-0 victory against Scunthorpe which helped Rovers claim that final automatic promotion place, this story has a brief description of everything that happened that day.


Bellemoon Vintage and Welsh Blankets are a well-established stall at Abergavenny Market who have now expanded into owning the lease on one of the shops built to be used permanently. Tracey Stedman took time out of her schedule to discuss why she had the stall first and where the love for Welsh blankets comes from. We also discussed using Cymraeg with Tracey and her shop-sharing partner Delyn Thomas, who are Welsh speakers.

When the partners opened the shop together, they had an official opening ceremony with Abergavenny Town Mayor Tony Konieczny, welcoming them to the market permanently.


Having spent time at Legoland before, I was looking forward to seeing what new sights they had added to Miniland. They always look to use recent events or celebrations to add to the exhibit's pull. This time, they incorporated something that had gripped England and helped raise football awareness for women across Europe.

The more important takeaway from the lioness's success would be the legacy it left behind for not only the English and Northern Irish teams which took part in the tournament but also the Welsh and Scottish national teams as they would look to be involved with the World Cup coming up in 2023 which will be held in Australia.

From a Welsh perspective, we have outsold our record-breaking attendance of 5,455, which was set against Estonia in October last year. The FAW has set an ambitious target of 10,000 fans, with the surge of tickets coming off the back of the very successful UEFA Women’s Euro 2022.

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