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Tyson Fury at home by the seaside

December 2020 is still a key date in the diary for Tyson Fury as he prepares to face Deontay Wilder for a third fight. “whether it's wilder, wherever it is, Wilder’s someone who's contracted to fight me” Fury continued in his usual relaxed way “if it's not then we'll just take whoever I don't really care”

“I want to fight no matter who it is, I ain't sharpening this deal for nothing we're working on tightening stuff and I want to knock some bb out cold this time” continued the Gypsy King

It’s not often that you’d get a front row seat for a chat with a World Champion boxer and trainer, SugarHill Steward, in Fury’s living room but Kugan Cassius from iFL TV managed to do just that.

Fury was quick to point out how much he likes where he is in Morecombe “I just live in a normal house, in a normal location, we're surrounded by normal people”

“I've been here now 12 years, it's fine on a normal day-to-day basis, I've got a normal routine and it's just quiet and out the way” Fury added.

“Weekends and things are difficult because on a sunny day people travel to the seaside, all these newbies, they want to get pictures and stuff like that so that can be challenging” the two-time heavyweight champion added “I can deal with it here I’m a northerner”

Cassius got caught out by a Travellers Lives Matter demonstration on his first night with Fury. “I didn't have any idea about it until yesterday afternoon, yesterday evening when the guy come down dropped a couple of t-shirts off” joked Fury “it was local, so we turned up”

From that the conversation went into more detail about why they were out demonstrating “Every life is important, every life matters, but it seems to be every other ethnic group, every other race of people are standing up and being counted for so I think the traveller’s need to do the same as well”

Fury is very proud of his family roots and this is evident in his very honest opinion about the situation “they're still refusing travellers to go in pubs bars restaurants because they're travellers”

“how do you identify a traveller anyone can be a traveller from anywhere so is it just up to the discretion of the owners of the place” focusing on an issue Fury has encountered firsthand “There was a place up the town here as well, a bar a few years ago, after I beat Klitschko actually, and he said no travellers allowed. I was like I’m heavyweight champion of the World”

It was easy to see that this had frustrated Fury “yeah but no travellers allowed, I said I’m going to record this, do what you want he said, but I didn't record it at that time” he continued “I didn't want to stir any trouble or anything, but you know, now is the time to do it”

Fury always looked for a positive and he showed this when he delved into the Black Lives Matter movement “it was refreshing to see the the BLM and the black people standing up to be to be respected and counted and you know everyone's sticking together “

“I think 2020 has been that year for every race of people to stand up and be counted” again looking for a positive in what had been a one-of-a-kind year so far

Steward, from Detroit, USA, was very impressed by Morecombe “I’ve been enjoying myself in Morecombe, it's a small community so a lot of people know each other, and I feel like I know people now from being here driving up and down the same road everyday” said the world Champions trainer “I’m obsessed with the bay. I’m trying to do some research and bring some light to some of the people here, in Morecombe about the bay who don't know about the bay so I can have more information”

Steward makes it clear that it’s not all about a relaxing vacation “we're working together right now on Vacation, just having fun, he's getting you know strengthening, I’m strengthening” the former Detroit police officer mentions “I have some weak points myself that I need to work on to make me better and you know both of us (you know) being better and getting better together just makes things better”

Fury is enthused by this outlook from Steward “isn't it refreshing to wear the trainer's saying he's got some weak points and he needs to work on some Stuff to get better so he can make me better”

“I’ve never heard anyone say that before so refreshing” Fury continued “Honesty's always the key”

It’s clear to see that both Fury and Steward want to be at the top of the game “I trained Tyson Fury just to be the best and whoever he has as an opponent then you know I’m just training him to be a more complete fighter” continued Steward “it doesn't matter who's out there and who he's in front of he'll be able to handle anybody”


This was part of a university task where we had to watch the first 20 minutes, I got into it that much I watched the entire interview.

Interview carried out by Kugan Cassuis 25th September 2020

Full Interview available at

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